3 Content Writing Tips For Your Blog

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December 13, 2018

Your content writing quality is essential if you want to promote your business using a blog or regular news post. Whether you have information you want to share, a white paper to educate, or other products you have to offer, your content could make or break your business. Here are three content writing tips that will help to boost traffic to your blog.

1. Focus on quality above quantity
One well-written blog post is better than three mediocre pieces. Don't be more concerned about posting once a day. Focus on the quality of your writing instead. Make sure you are getting your message across in a clear and concise manner. Edit and proofread well. You don't want to rush and post articles that contain typos, grammatical errors, and improper use of punctuation. These mistakes will only distract many readers from what you're trying to explain.

2. Know your target audience
Don't try to appeal to everyone when writing for your blog. Know your target audience and focus on how you can help them. You can't try appeal to seniors and youth at the same time. They have completely different needs. If your blog is targeted to women, don't throw in posts targeted to men. This might seem like a smart way to get more people to your blog, but once the men realize your blog is for women, they likely won't see a need to come back. If your blog is all over the place, you will find it hard to maintain an audience.

3. Create evergreen content
Evergreen content will appeal to your readers, and bring in new ones, all year long. It's timeless. If you write content that is only useful during holidays and specific seasons, you are limiting their need for you. This doesn't mean you should never write seasonal pieces. Just make sure you limit them. If you create content that people search for throughout the year, the number of hits to your blog will rise. Evergreen content can include how-to guides, your own research with added links, case studies, and glossaries.

Generating a blog that successfully supports your marketing efforts takes thought and preparation. Your blog is only one part of the full website picture. Ready to build your first website or refresh your current one? Contact me, Roger Ridpath and Kansas City's Ridpath Creative and for help.

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