Website Maintenance and Hosting Terms of Service

Ridpath Creative uses Webflow to develop and configure websites for our clients. We provide our clients with a beautifully-designed, completely responsive website. Additionally, we provide the capacity and freedom to make modifications to their site at any time without the need for a developer. Webflow hosting allows an entire team to modify a website, from the marketing manager to the lead developer. Everything is in one spot. It gets much better! Your intern can make changes because Webflow’s CMS is easy to use.

Since Ridpath Creative is a service reseller the Terms of Service for our website hosting is the same as our provider Webflow. You can review Webflow's terms here.

If you are asking why Ridpath Creative has selected to work with Webflow here are a few of the more technical Webflow hosting features Webflow offers:

  • Webflow Hosting is secure. Webflow provides free SSL certificates for every site hosted by Webflow. As a bonus, SSL will also help the site rank higher in search, which will matter to your more technically inclined clients. Ridpath Creative recommend hosting with Webflow — they provide an SSL certificate for every site. An SSL ensures your visitors feel comfortable sharing their information with you. What’s SSL? Webflow University’s article on SSL
  • Load times are lightning fast. Visitors will leave a website if it takes too long to load. That's why Webflow uses a Tier 1 Content Delivery Network, Amazon Cloudfront, and Fastly to provide the quickest hosting on the internet.
  • 301 redirects that are unique to you. It's essential to redirect the old URL to the new one whenever you update a page's URL. Thus you get to maintain the old URL’s SEO juice (and don’t have to blast users with a 404 page). Webflow makes it far easier.
  • Backups and versioning of the website on a frequent basis. There is nothing more frustrating than working on a website for weeks only to lose it or having the need to return to an older version of yoru information for reference or restore. As a result, Webflow creates backups of your website that you can restore with a single click.
  • Experts at Webflow deliver immediate software and website changes. Webflow is  always upgrading, enhancing, and addressing bugs, and our clients get the benefits of every upgrade without having to do anything.  Other CMSs such as Wordpress do not work in this simple yet sophisticated manner.
  • Password security on a per-page basis. Passwords for static pages and folders may now be configured for all sites with a hosting – and the style of your password page can be customized as well!
  • Add a search function to your website. Webflow provides the option to add search, design your search results page, and even manage the information in your search engine.
  • Databases for staging and production. The last thing you want to do when it comes to web publishing is release unauthorized content or functionality that destroys your site. That's why Webflow provides our clients with a staging site. Don't be afraid to publish. Design without anxiety.