4 Reasons Why Mobile Is Leading Web Design

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July 19, 2016

Mobile devices have quietly taken over the world right before our eyes. In fact, outside of business, most people have stopped using computers and are devoted strictly to their mobile phones and tablets. Even many of the new laptops are made as a 2-in-1 device, with a detachable tablet. Website owners need to take notice of these users when planning their next website, which hopefully will be soon. Here are four of the most important reasons why mobile is where it’s at when building your next website.

  • Mobile-friendly websites are important to Google. When the most powerful search engine in the world states its requirements, people who want to win the game listen. On April 21, 2015, Google began using mobile-responsive websites as a standard for page rank.  They moved those with mobile-responsive websites higher up the page, and they dropped those who didn’t conform lower in the results. It’s tough, but necessary, as things have evolved to consumers wanting their web and social media fixes from more convenient devices such as their phone or tablet.
  • Mobile-responsive websites enhance User Experience (UX). Consumers have spoken, and user experience is your way of giving them what they want and letting them know they are the most important. Mobile-friendly websites are extremely important for enhancing user experience since smartphones and tablets are the device on which most users spend their time on the web. The user’s attention span is short, especially when using a mobile device while being bombarded with distractions. Making a website that not only properly fits the page, but also puts the most important content, products or services conveniently in front of the user is key to having a satisfied customer and a successful website.
  • Mobile-responsive designs make a more efficient, up-to-date website. As with any industry, work always must be done to streamline processes, enhance design mechanisms and increase revenue. You’ll always need to update or upgrade your website as long as you’re striving to be a major player in your business. Using an expert to design a Drupal mobile-responsive website will put you ahead of the game with the proper framework to make necessary changes in the future. This ensures that you grow with your customer base and can align with future innovations.
  • Website traffic increases when you have a mobile version of your site. The look and feel of your website says a lot about you through the lens of the customer. Just as clean, high-quality desktop web designs are more likely to gain the attention of an audience, the same applies to the mobile versions of sites. Consumers will take notice of and interact with websites with high-quality, mobile-responsive web design. That, along with staying on Google’s good side, will increase your traffic and, ultimately, your bottom line.

The perfect mobile solution for your business could involve simplifying options to navigate and filter information or just having the most requested information convenient for your audience in the right format for mobile devices. That’s why it’s important to work with a reliable web designer whom you can trust to integrate your desires along with the needs of the customer when building your mobile-friendly website. Here in Kansas City, Missouri, you’ll find a professional with 25-plus years of success in web design who is excited about helping transform your website into the mobile version of your dreams.

Source:  Forbes

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