70 Years Of Direct Marketing Presented By KCDMA

June 21, 2018

I have an excellent video project to show you. This project was a challenge on many levels. A video, like all creative projects, can be produced in a variety of ways. There is the general creative approach, there are assets you have available or can make, and there's a budget (time and /or money). I always enjoy a challenge because they still help me grow creatively and improve my technical skills.

The KCDMA provided me with a wonderful challenge. Before you watch the video, let me set the stage. 2018 marks the KCDMA's 70th anniversary. For the group's annual awards event, they wanted a short video that covered the history of the group and how it was connected to significant milestones in the history of direct marketing. I was provided with an entertaining script and a box full of club memories. Yep, that's what I started with.

What I did next was to record the scripted voice over to use as a guide. I then searched the provided box for interesting artifacts that matched elements of the script. Once I exhausted the contributed box of assets I began searching for historical film clips and images that I could use to help tell the story.  I started to assemble the elements all the while looking for moments to add interest and entertainment to keep the audience engaged. Another key factor at this stage was for assembled elements to match the theme of the event, designed months earlier.

With a visual tale coming together it was time to add the finishing touches - an appropriate music track and some timely sound effects to give critical moments in the story impact.

The KCDMA was excited by the results, and the video was a favorite moment of the evening events. Now it's time for you to sit back for a moment and enjoy a short history of Direct Marketing and the KCDMA's place in it. Press to play.

Projects like this KCDMA video are one of my favorites. I enjoy projects like this for the combination of story, visual, motion, and audio. The collaborative video production process brings together many ideas and assets to form a compelling message. Do you have a particular video need in Kansas City? Contact me at 816.792.9669 or email roger@ridpathcreative.com.

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