A Gift For You

Web Design and Development
December 21, 2018

It's here! Happy holidays! The holidays are excellent for enjoying time with family and friends. What a wonderful occasion to build fond memories. Speaking of memories, I have a gift for you. This little digital gift is entertaining and will strengthen your memories (that's not a promise from a doctor, I only play one on TV). PLAY NOW! Be careful! This gift will make your time magically disappear like the cookies you put out for Santa on Christmas eve. Have fun playing and please pass this link on to your friends.
A special note from Santa's digital production department, if you rush to play the game on your mobile device, you may be notified by Santa that you are on his naughty list. No worries, this gift needs a screen that's at least 544 pixels wide. To make your smartphone equal to or greater than that width just rotate to a horizontal orientation. Santa's list says you have been good! Proceed to play.
Many thanks to the brilliant work of my development partner Josh Lopez for his work on the game. Do you need a new or refreshed website? Let's put Josh's amazing skills to work for you. Ridpath Creative is waiting to help you through strategy and produce a successful solution. Contact us today!

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