Can My Passion Give You Some Inspiration?

February 12, 2019

Many of you know that Kansas City is my hometown and one of my greatest passions is to showcase our great city in different lights.  That passion inspired me to create a series of photographic prints that are currently being displayed through Arts KC.  In fact, if you want to take a peek, they are showcased right now throughout the offices of ProPharma Group in southern Johnson County.

These prints are the first in a series that focuses on the rich and colorful landscape of Kansas City.  I believe that creativity thrives throughout our city, and my goal was to capture it in a different light.  In fact, the concept for this series is rooted illumination.  Each print is printed on metallic paper, which enhances the illumination of the images.  

The vibe of our city with its internationally known museums, beautiful fountains, and historic architecture create a colorful palette for both locals and visitors to enjoy, and I am thrilled to have captured the heart and soul of our city.  But, did I capture your attention enough to encourage you to follow your passions?  

As a photographer, designer and creative thinker, there is one thing I know I can’t lose sight of, and that one thing is passion.  Many of you who are reading this blog post are creative business professionals who either own a business or work for a business that wants to grow and prosper.  My advice to you is to make sure you never lose your passion.  People like doing business with others that are passionate.  I hope this post if nothing else ignites your passions.

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