Celebrating Life Transitions

Web Design and Development
June 12, 2018

It is my thrill to reveal a new website for our client, Bukaty Companies subsidiary Life Transitions lifetransitions.co. Bukaty Companies is one of the Kansas City area’s most significant privately owned employee benefits and insurance brokerage firms. We are pleased that Bukaty Companies entrusted the creative team at Ridpath Creative to develop a fresh website that provides visitors with a cutting-edge experience that will continue to grow their business.
What did our creative and development teams do for the new website project?
Our goal to was to make the website modern, fast loading, responsive and engaging. We achieved these goals with numerous actions. First, we built the new site on the powerful webflow platform for maximum design flexibility as well as speed and reliability. Our preference for projects like this is Webflow. Webflow enables cutting-edge design function with smooth implementation of various SEO tools, excellent security, and simple updating. Our design team then worked with Bukaty’s graphics resource to apply a focused UX (user experience). The result is website appealing and fun as well as easy to navigate. We implemented modern javascript animation not only for visitor engagement but also ease of access to critical information.

You may not have heard about Webflow or been aware that Ridpath Creative offers this development platform. I’d like to take this opportunity to share a few reasons why we feel webflow is a cutting-edge option that will define the future of web development. Here are a few features and benefits:

  • Webflow generates clean, W3C compliant, semantic code. Without all the messy inline classes common with drag-and-drop site builders. You can export your HTML, CSS, and images in a handy ZIP file you can use however you like. This means if you need to you can move your site in the future.
  • There are over 2,000 web font families available - use any font from Google and Adobe Typekit. This means a design that matches your branding.
  • Every CSS property is available and allows for fantastic creativity. We can provide complete design freedom with access to many CSS styling properties from the latest CSS specs.
  • 3D transforms, and animations will enable us to add an entirely new dimension to your website designs with a cutting-edge tool that lets us create 3D CSS transforms.

Do you have a business, program or event that needs a website? Or maybe your existing website feels older than a dog’s favorite chew toy? Stop your search. Ridpath Creative is a preferred developer in Kansas City, Missouri. We offer expert web design and professional photography to attract your target niche. As an experienced Kansas City webflow developer, we provide quality web design and development solutions at affordable prices. We want to be your choice for web designer and developer. I can design and develop a new website to give your business a fresh face in an ever-changing world. Like Bukaty Companies, you will see why we are the web developer of choice for Kansas firms.

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