Company Blog: Three Reasons You Need a Regular Schedule for Blogging

Web Design and Development
October 19, 2018

Digital media has reached the stage now where most Kansas City and all businesses appreciate the need to have an active website and social media presence. This also means having a blog on your company site and having a regular schedule for updating it. Consider this blog post proof positive that Ridpath Creative practices what it preaches. The content I present here will explore the subject in further detail by explaining some of the benefits of blogging on a regular basis.

1. Regular blogging encourages website traffic
Adding a blog page to your website is an important thing to do. Of course, you could choose to host your blog elsewhere, but then you won't enjoy the benefits of the traffic that your blog will generate. Users will enjoy reading your blog because when done well it will be based more on information and engagement than marketing or sales.

Therefore, blogging is an incredibly successful strategy for getting users onto your site in the first place. Once there, they may well elect to buy products or services from your website or at least find out more about your business. It's crucial though to ensure you keep blogging on a regular basis because the traffic that one post generates will only last for so long.

2. An excellent blog can drive your social media success
A good blog that is updated on a regular basis has so many unique benefits for your business. Driving traffic to your site is one and giving you quality social media content is another. Social media is a significant trend these days but keeping it fresh can be a challenge. The bottom line is you can only get so far by sharing posts and creating motivational quotes.

It's necessary to have content that is uniquely your own to achieve real success with social media marketing. Of course, part of that can be exclusively for social media with the goal of diverting traffic back to your site. The whole process is a lot easier though when you have content on your blog that you can share on your social media channels. It's also likely that those kinds of posts will gain more engagement than something more promotional.

3. Demonstrates your industry expertise
As covered, blogging for traffic and social media content is undoubtedly important. It's also crucial to use your company blog to establish your expertise. Therefore, you can use your blog in a variety of different ways to achieve this. For example, showing that you are up to date with current trends, sharing some of your latest work or providing content that proves your expertise.

This article has been a relatively brief look at some of the benefits that can be seen from blogging on a regular basis. It's essential to have an active website with a blog but updating it on a regular basis is where the real value is. Some of the benefits of blogging consistently include generating website traffic, driving social media content and demonstrating your industry expertise. Contact me today if you need a new or refreshed website, and please consider including a blog option.

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