Content Marketing Makes Your Business Grow By Telling Your Story

Web Design and Development
July 26, 2017

Many people love watching TED talks. You can learn something new, and they’re always concise – under 20 minutes in most cases. However, there’s a big difference between the talks that are simply PowerPoint presentations and the ones that tell a story. When the speaker gets personal either by telling their own story or relating real-life examples, those are the talks that make an impact and stay with you. Content marketing is the same way. Whether you use video content, graphic design, web design, photography or print ads, the principle is the same: telling a fresh, engaging story from real life can make a far bigger impact than a dry, “just the facts, ma’am” style of reporting.  What Exactly is Content Marketing?Content marketing is the art of providing value to customers through the sharing of content. This content can take the form of blog posts, video, podcasts, ebooks, or just about any medium that’s easily shareable. It can be enhanced through graphic design, video production, web design and photography.  Why is storytelling and personalization so crucial to content marketing success?   Makes You More RelatableAn engaging anecdote immediately draws the viewer in and makes them want to understand more about your company. Everyone can immediately relate to a genuine story about others.  Humanizes Your Company and BrandIt’s difficult to form a relationship when the other party feels impersonal, like a corporate entity. Consumers enjoy getting to know the face behind the brand and the story of the people associated with it.  Makes Ideas More UnderstandableWhether it’s a brand message or communicating the value of your product, a personalized story can assist your viewers in more readily understanding it.   More Likely to Go ViralAlmost all viral web content depicts some sort of human story.  How to Implement Storytelling in Content Marketing?Storytelling in content marketing can take the form of written content or a video production. Stories can also be told through photography, web design and print ads. What’s most important is that you convey the perfect tone and that it’s active, engaging, fresh and professional.Some of the most successful content marketing approaches include:  Going Behind the Brand. Tell behind-the-scenes stories about the engine behind your company: the people that work there.  Success Stories. Share case studies of people and companies that have benefited from your products or services.  Incorporate UGC (User-Generated Content). Invite your customers to share photos, videos and written feedback about their experience with your company; incorporate this media into your content marketing.  At Ridpath Creative of Kansas City, Missouri, I have a company mission of creating superior print marketing, videos, graphic design, web design and photography that takes your content marketing to the next level.  Count on Ridpath Creative for an active, engaging, fresh and professional approach to any content creation job. I can assist you with video marketing, photography, graphic design, web design, print ads and other innovative marketing solutions to help tell your story in a unique and compelling way.

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