Design A Website That Drives Sales in Three Simple Steps

Web Design and Development
September 13, 2018

Have you ever visited a company’s website and been confused over what products and services were being offered?  Even the most well-designed websites could have an adverse effect on visitors if there are too many messages displayed, or there isn’t a clear call-to-action. As a web designer and marketer in Kansas City, I talk to my clients about staying true to a value proposition and making it easy for customers and prospects to identify with your brand’s story by following three simple steps.  

Step One - Clever Doesn’t Always Cut It
Many marketing agencies spend countless hours coming up with clever concepts, slogans, images, and taglines.  But, if campaign concepts take longer than a few seconds for your customers or prospects to process, they might not be a good fit for the web.  I’m a fan of Donald Miller, CEO of Story Brand.  In a recent web video, he illustrates the power of simplicity, and how communicating with clarity is a must.  Great web design should be both aesthetically pleasing and simple.

Step Two - Demonstrate Why People Need Your Brand
Brag a bit about why your customers and prospects need what your company sells.  Instead of spending valuable real estate on your homepage about your company’s mission and values, talk directly to your web visitors about the benefits of your product.  The real estate on your homepage is more than a marketing billboard, it’s a medium for telling a story.  I own a marketing and web design business in Kansas City, and this market is competitive.  Most of businesses in Kansas City are considered small businesses, and for small businesses to survive and grow, they need to be innovative, competitive and entrepreneurial.  This means that they need a website that tells a story quickly.  Draw the visitors in by overtly demonstrating why they need your product or service.  In other words, state the big benefit quickly.

After you draw web visitors in by simply stating why they need your product or service, provide a few examples of what will happen if they don’t buy your product or service.  What is the opportunity cost of not doing business with you?  You want to quickly illustrate what problems a visitor can encounter if they don’t engage with your brand.  Will their business shrink?  Will they spend more money trying to acquire business?  Will they spend more money on retaining profitable customers?  Show them what they will be missing if they chose not to engage.  

Step Three - Build A Marketing Funnel
Driving traffic to your website and engaging visitors is important, but remember to make it easy for visitors to share their contact information.  Your web design should contain simple call-to-actions that are visible and succinct.  Offering a free downloadable eBook or white paper is also a great way to get a visitor’s email address to use for remarketing and building your marketing funnel.   Prospects who provide you contact information in exchange for something you offer online are qualified prospects.  Communicate with them as they are evaluating their needs.  You want to be top of mind when they are ready to make a purchase.  

What’s Holding You Back?    
Do you want to grow your Kansas City business? Do you want to reach more valuable prospects? I can help you evaluate your web design and provide solutions to help you do those things.  Making a few simple changes can boost your return on investment. Contact me today if you want to design a website that attracts more qualified leads and helps you generate incremental revenue.  

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