Explore. Experience. East of Troost Promo Video

April 27, 2018

I have an excellent project and event to share with you.

I'm sure most of my clients and visitors to this blog know, in addition to website design/development and graphic design, I also provide photography services. What many don't know is that photography experience extends into video production. I have had experience in video shooting and production since I was in high school. So it's not new for me, but it may be fresh information for you.

I'm excited to share a video teaser/promo video I produced for the Urban Neighborhood Initiative (UNI). Their event is this Saturday, April 28th. As their website explains, "The guided bus tour will provide an excellent first-hand look at each of the 10 neighborhoods that UNI serves, highlighting what each has to offer and providing an opportunity to connect with some of the residents."

I photographed and shot video of the event last year. It was an enjoyable and educational Saturday afternoon. The images and video from last year formed the basis for this year's promotional video. The video is available below, or you can see it on YouTube.

Video production like this is one of my favorite types of assignments. I enjoy projects like this because they include a combination of visuals, motion, and audio. It's also a collaborative process, bringing together many different ideas and assets to form a cohesive message. Do you have a unique video production need in Kansas City? Contact me at (816) 792-9669, or email roger@ridpathcreative.com.

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