Free Queso?

Graphic Design
June 29, 2018

Return this ball for a free queso. Did I get your attention? Did you notice the image attached to this blog post? I found this golf ball recently while I was on my quest to meet my 10,000 steps-a-day goal. You may remember when I compared finding golf balls to wayfinding for prospects in a blog post I wrote last year. Here's a link to it, if you want to check it out. I have to say, I have never found a golf ball quite like this.

Most golf balls have marketing messages on them. Many have, of course, the official branding of the company that makes the golf ball. Often I see golf balls with company logos on them, but never have I seen one that actually created foot traffic to a restaurant. I have to say that this is the only golf ball I have ever found that will see more action off the course than on it. What an incredibly smart marketing idea.

It's possible the restaurant in question had these golf balls made for employees to hand out. Maybe they gave them out with the expectation that people would, instead of using the golf ball, bring it into the restaurant where they would get their free queso, as well as enjoy, maybe a $50 or $60 dinner. Or, perhaps they're hoping that somebody will use this golf ball, hit it out of bounds and some guy like me will pick it up and take it to Abuelo's and get free queso, and spend $50 or $60 on dinner.
In any case, I think this is an extraordinarily brilliant tactic. I'm sharing this with you today because you may find it valuable or useful. Maybe this little golf ball idea will trigger an excellent idea.

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