Good Design Should Drive An Emotional Response

Web Design and Development
August 23, 2018

I’m passionate about design. Good design should convey the right tone, personality and emotional appeal. For years, I’ve studied the psychology of different aspects of design, including color theory, use of imagery, and typography. My passion for typography has led to the launch of a new website, Font Fuel, that I developed, specifically to give designers more choices to create amazing print and web designs.

Fueling A Brand Personality
An important, but many times overlooked, element in creating great content is ensuring that the content is visually appealing. In today’s culture, video and images are used to convey emotions and personality, but many people forget about carrying over that emotional connection to the written word. Text and typography are powerful elements that can be used to express the personality of your brand.

Sparking An Emotional Connection
For centuries, scientists have been studying the psychology of fonts, from handwriting analysis to text usage, and one thing is clear, different fonts convey different emotions. When crafting your content, it’s important to understand which font matches the intended tone of your conversation.

  • Serif fonts portray tradition
  • San Serif fonts are more modern and neutral
  • Script fonts are elegant and classic

Igniting Your Creativity
Designers now have even more choices to consider when trying to use text to capture the personality of a brand. Font Fuel, launched by Roger Ridpath, offers artistically designed fonts, specifically created for print and web design.

Boom! Check Out This Offer
Visit Font Fuel and sign up to receive news and updates, and receive a free, unique font. New fonts will be continuously added to this site, giving designers a way to convey a brand’s personality.

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