Have You Reached A Critical Moment

Web Design and Development
March 7, 2019

Business owners are faced with critical moments. Do you want to grow? Is it time for a transition? Do you have enough freedom? Next Level Contractor helps businesses that specialize in contracting services define and make sense of these critical moments, and they hired Ridpath Creative to bring awareness to their value proposition.  

Next Level Contractor helps companies that are either experiencing rapid growth or businesses that have hit plateaus spot these critical moments. Spotting these moments is an important aspect of determining the roadmap to success. After a critical moment is defined, Next Level Contractor works with those companies to develop strategic plans to meet their business objectives. To bring awareness of this value proposition, Ridpath Creative developed a multi-channel strategy that consisted of developing a conversion-focused website that speaks to prospective customers at every aspect of their decision-making journey.  

Web-Focused Nurturing and the Buying Journey

  • For prospects that have never heard of Next Level Contractor, the website message focuses on identifying their critical moments of growth, freedom, or transition.
  • After a critical moment is defined, the website messages are centered around building trust through various video and print testimonials.
  • Prospects that are ready to commit are directed to an online assessment.  

Prospects who take the online assessment are highly qualified prospects, and more often than not, become engaged customers.  

Interested in developing a multi-channel strategy to grow and convert leads?  Contact roger@ridpathcreative.com

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