Hello, Is My Website Antiquated?

Web Design and Development
August 2, 2017

If you need to ask then the answer is yes.

Your website is the online face of your business. If you sell products online, its significance is obvious. If you’re a brick and mortar establishment, your website allows new people to find you and get a sense of your brand, products and services. If you do business with other businesses, the stakes of professionalism could be even higher. No matter what your line of work, if your website is dated, it immediately reflects poorly on your business.

Does your site exude fresh, modern energy, high quality photography, shareable video content and innovative graphic design elements? Does it feel active, engaging and professional?

Bring Your Website Back to the Cutting Edge

If not, it’s time for a refresh. Kansas City, Missouri web design firm Ridpath Creative brings you professional web design solutions to rework, redesign and fully update your online presence. We can assist with photography, video production, marketing and print job solutions to help draw new users to your site.

Here are eight more signs your website is antiquated:

  1. Google Isn't Responding to You AnymoreOutdated websites are penalized by the Google search algorithm, which makes it harder for your customers to find and connect with you. In addition to optimal keywords and SEO techniques, the search giant is looking for high quality content that’s free of dead links, broken code and copied text.If you are experiencing a decline in traffic to your site, less user time spent per visit and fewer purchases made, these are all signs that your website is dated. These effects can cause lower and lower search rankings for your site, resulting in a negative snowball effect that could be catastrophic for your business.
  2. Old Coding/Non-Responsive DesignTechnology and the Internet seem to change and evolve every day. If you haven’t updated your website code and structure in the past couple of years, it’s likely antiquated. With a majority of Internet users accessing the web from mobile devices, any site that doesn’t include responsive design is automatically outdated. Tables, frames and excessive HTML tags are also a dead giveaway that a site is dated. In the mobile age, responsive design just isn’t optional.
  3. Outdated InformationThis one is obvious. If your website still shows products you stopped selling years ago, it’s time for a refresh. Does the copyright at the bottom reflect the current year, or close to it? If not, this could be an immediate turnoff for potential customers.
  4. Dated Fonts and Design ElementsGraphic design styles change and evolve like any other genre. Does your website have a fresh, cutting-edge look or is it out of style? If you’re using any gaudy, non-web-safe fonts like Comic Sans or Papyrus, your website is likely outdated.
  5. Not Reflective Of Your BrandBusinesses inevitably evolve over time. If your website doesn’t reflect your current mission, ethos and “vibe,” this can be worse than having outdated information on your site.
  6. Splash Pages, Autoplay Audio, Or Anything That Scrolls or BlinksYou get the idea. These gimmicks are a function of the early years of the Internet when web surfers were entranced by all things flashy. Now, they’ll just give your website a dated, stale look and feel. Plus, many of these add-ons don’t work on smartphones.
  7. It Lacks a Social Media ConnectionSocial media is a key part of marketing your business and staying engaged with customers. Not participating makes you look like you’re from a bygone era.
  8. You Have Doubts About ComplianceIf your site includes products, services or text/verbage that’s no longer compliant with current rules and regulations, this could get you into hot water.

If you suspect your website is holding you back, Ridpath Creative is here with cutting edge solutions. We’ll work together to refresh, redesign and rework your content so that it’s ready for 2018 and beyond. In addition to website design, Ridpath Creative also offers video production, print ads, photography, marketing and graphic design services.

If it’s time to revive your online presence, count on your experienced, professional Kansas City, Missouri web design firm. Ridpath Creative can bring your site a fresh, active, modern look that your customers will love.








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