Helping A Booming Technology Company Skip To The Front Of The Line Using

December 6, 2018

Move To The Front Of The Line
Never stand in line or wait for a table at your favorite restaurant again.  That’s the value proposition that a new technology company, SKIP, brings to the table, and Ridpath Creative helped them tell that story through video.  

New Products Are Sometimes Hard To Describe
SKIP had a very unique challenge.  They needed to convey how their product worked for the restaurant owner as well as for the restaurant guest.  For the guest, it was a simple way to order food and skip the lines.  For the restaurant owner, it makes operations more efficient, leading to better service and a greater number of returning guests.  Take a quick look at how we conveyed this message.  

Benefits Of Using Video
Video was an ideal solution for creating a relevant message to both target audiences-- the restaurant owner-- and the restaurant guest.  In fact, when you have a complex value proposition, it’s easier to show how things work through the use of video.   Thinking of using video to convey your message?  Contact me at for more information.

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