Hire Me To Build Your Website

Web Design and Development
February 21, 2019

Are you considering building a new website or updating your existing site? Often the first choice you’ll study is whether to do it yourself or engage an expert. It was not that long ago when building your own website wasn't even a real option. Today with the growth of online tools and website building software the process has become less demanding. Just because you are capable of building your own website does not mean that you should.

A core service of my business is to build websites for other companies. So you are not going to be surprised if I suggest you hire me. What might surprise you is why I want you to hire me.


Why hire me to build your website?

Before you decide to build your own website your very first question should actually be 'What kind of website do I need?' Next, you might look at easy and popular website building tools. Those options are simple to use, but you will often find your hands tied or be looking for professional help to get that simple tool to do some fancy tricks. You might even get stuck because something simple like your logo appears wrong. You may have technical questions like how do I make my website work with my Microsoft 365 email. Or do I need an SSL certificate?

If you are building a more complex website you might need to know the best way to create an online store or how to develop a private login for customers. When you start answering those questions, a wrong turn can be time-consuming and costly.

So you are still considering building your own website. I can't stop you. But I won't encourage you for one simple reason. Unless you are a competitor of mine and you build websites, I gently suggest that you might consider doing what you do best and leaving the website building to the professionals. Most people I know would not consider building their own house or even doghouse. This brings me to a favorite quote from Star Wars' Yoda, "Do or do not, there is no try." So my advice is to do what you do best and leave the attempted website out of your plans. Contact me today so we can get started.

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