How Big is Ridpath Creative Partners?

Web Design and Development
June 22, 2017

There is an exact answer to the question, "How big is Ridpath Creative Partners?" But the answer does not capture the whole truth. It may seem self-evident and just plain simple, but my business name includes the word "Partners" on purpose. So, if you already get it, you can skip this message. Just pick up the phone; let's get started on your next project.

Are you not quite ready, and you need to know more about this "partner" thing? Okay, let's break it out. "Ridpath," that's me. "Creative," that's what I do. "Partners," ...well, that's two things.First, "partners" are you, my customers. We are partners when we are working together and even when we are not. I want to build a long-term relationship with each of you. I am around to answer questions or provide advice even when you don't need my services. This sort of relationship is critical to my business, as are referrals from happy customer-partners like you.The second part of "partners" is how I get work done for you. I touch all projects personally, but I do not always work on every detail of a given project. I use skilled partners to write and edit content. I use expert partners to provide programming and website services. I use crowd-sourced resources to complete large, labor-intensive requests promptly. It's not necessary that you know exactly how I accomplish these tasks with my partners. What's important is that my partners' approach allows me to be and do much more for you at a reasonable price. When you engage Ridpath Creative, keep in mind that you are hiring a team of skilled "partners" too. 

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