How To Enhance Your Lead-Generation Strategies To Get The Low-Hanging Fruit

Graphic Design
January 15, 2019

My business's lifeblood depends on a steady amount of leads coming through the door and a certain percentage of them converting into paying customers. Whether your business is small or large, I'm sure your business relies on the same steady stream. There are tons of ways to get leads for your business, some simple, some more complex. Here are 7 proven ways to generate more leads for your business.
1. Create intriguing bylines
If you guest post on other sites blogs, take the time to craft a great byline. Any time you can mention your business or services, you automatically open the door for a potential lead. Include not only a link to your site but also a free resource that visitors can receive if they check out your page.

2. Add exit page pop-ups
Take advantage of every visit to your site by implementing exit-page pop-ups. Use your web analytics to see which pages have the highest exit rates and add pop-ups to elicit one action from your visitor before they go (or to get them to stay). That can be offering them a free resource, asking them to follow you on social media, or redirecting them to other relevant information based on their search history.

3. Viral video marketing  
Videos are the most-shared content type on the internet. Think of ways to create video campaigns that your audience can respond to emotionally. Make them laugh, cry, or drop their jaws in amazement; the more significant the response, the more potential they have to go viral. Be sure to include links to your site (or landing page) to keep leads from falling through the cracks.

4. Find the viral stuff
One of the most proven (and fastest) ways to get eyes on your website is to do a search for content related to your industry that's received high levels of engagement, and then make a version of your own. Check out article-sharing and industry news sites to see what types of content your audience is responding to the most. It could be comprehensive listicles, in-depth research studies, or engaging videos.

5. Beef up your email signature
Get unexpected leads by making your email signature stand out more. Don't just settle for your name and contact details, try including a super-brief blurb about your business. It can be a tagline that speaks to big brands that you've worked with, or refer to any free consultations that you're currently providing.

6. Facebook quizzes and polls
Online polls are great for creating interest and driving traffic to your website. People love taking fun quizzes and giving their feedback on certain topics-its all about the engagement. Ask users to provide their emails to see how their answers compared to others, and boom, you've got another lead in your sales funnel.

7. Scout out industry communities
Know where your target audience hangs out online and engage with them on a daily basis. Try making a list of four or five online forums, blogs, Facebook groups, or article-sharing sites to spread awareness about your offerings (don't forget Quora).

Don't let great opportunities go to waste. Remember, leads are everywhere; it's just a matter of knowing how to make them look in your direction. If you need help generating via a video or marketing material contact Roger at Ridpath Creative.

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