It’s all about eyeballs and screens

Web Design and Development
April 18, 2017

Ridpath Creative got a new look! Our logo is just the beginning. As we head into our 15th year of business, we’re not the new kids on the block any longer. We want you to know about work we are doing around here. The 2017 Ridpath Creative logo is a branding exercise applied to ourselves. As our services have evolved so does our branding. Our new logo has a subtle reference to “screens.” We are talking about “screens” like a smartphone, computer, and television. We are thinking “screens” when we strategize how we can help you business. Our energy focuses on filling those screens with your strategy to drive growth.

Web DevelopmentWeb development is a core focus for Ridpath Creative. In a digital world, your website or computer and smartphone “screen” is the home base for launching your successful marketing. Our focus is to develop business growth online marketing without the Madison Avenue price tags.

PhotographyIs your brand built on commonplace stock photography? Ridpath Creative understands the importance of authenticity, so we’ve streamlined our process to make the art of photography custom and affordable. The result is a “screen” that is truly unique your business.

Video ProductionStorytelling through moving visuals is becoming more and more important. We provide full-service video production and editing to add action and emotion to your message. The result is moving “screens” that move clients to action.

Print Design ServicesThe print medium is the classic “screen.” The pocketable, bendable, foldable “screen.” Whether you need a custom logo or a printed brochure, we love this classic “screen.” We offer a full range of print and design services. Call 816.792.9669 or contact us today to learn how we can help with your “screens.”

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