Losing Is The Path To Winning

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January 25, 2019

We've had a few days to digest the loss of the Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday night. Although most of my friends and family were frustrated and disappointed, I had a feeling of overwhelming optimism.  I take all of my life's experiences, including an entertaining football game, as an opportunity to learn.

At half time I knew one thing in my gut. I knew that Patrick Mahomes and the KC Chiefs had not played their best football. What I also knew at halftime is this season's Chiefs have played much better than they had in the first half of Sunday night's game. I knew that they had performed better in every game this past season. I knew the Chiefs were still the same team. And I knew we were still in the game even with the hideous scoreboard: NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 14 - KANSAS CITY CHIEFS 0.

We know what happened next. The most exciting Chiefs playoff game in more than two decades. We also know how it ended. But I can't wait to see Mahomes and company back on the field for more excitement and fun on the field. I don't see a season-ending playoff game as a loss, I see it as a step in a journey. Clearly, the Chiefs' front office knows exactly what I, the average couch potato fan knows, the Chiefs are going to be good and better for years to come. So adjustments have to be made. There will be some changes. The Kansas City Chiefs fired defensive coordinator Bob Sutton on Tuesday. That's what growing and being great is all about.  You identify your weaknesses. You work to get better. You take more steps on your journey.  As I like to put it, the journey is the reward.

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