Our Addiction To The Visual And Moving

February 27, 2019

Our society is addicted to visuals that move and are emotionally moving. Why is this important?  Because you can use visuals and video to connect with your target audience on an emotional level.  

First, let me offer a tiny bit of proof. Diverse streaming media is everywhere. I challenge you to get away from it. It comes in small doses on social media and in gigantic visual explosions of blockbuster movies.

Disney Paves The Way
In addition to releasing three movies in the Marvel Universe category, Disney will also be releasing Star Wars Episode IX.  Believe, me, you’ll not only be moved on the big screen, but you’ll also see a plethora of digital promotions, movie trailers and more.  I picked a single source of visual production out of millions or billions if you count Youtube. Just one movie production company is going to be responsible for getting billions of eyeballs to look at its latest work. You get my point, billions of eyeballs are watching! And blockbuster movies are one category out of thousands of possibilities.

I think Scott MacFarland of huffingtonpost.com put it very succinctly when he suggests a “paradigm shift from, “a picture is worth a thousand words” to, “a moving picture is worth a million people.””  

People Want to be Entertained And Moved
People are drawn to moving pictures. As you consider your marketing plans and budgets, give some thought to where some well spent and appropriately distributed moving stories might help push your brand ahead of the pack.

Want to give moving visuals a try? Contact me today. Let me help you create your blockbuster marketing tool.

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