So what's your story?

Graphic Design
May 10, 2017

I was out for my daily walk this morning when I noticed something that completely stopped me in my tracks. Let me make sure you understand, today is May 10. The heart of spring in Kansas City. What I saw was a Christmas snowman decoration prominently displayed in the front yard of a home in my neighborhood. Not only was it displayed proudly but also energized with an extension cord. This wrong-time-of-year snowman was twinkling with a serious purpose. This decoration wasn't waiting on the curb for pickup by weekly sanitation workers. This snowman was there for a reason. This vision of mixed-up-seasons made me stop and wonder, what's the story here.

When we are talking about marketing and communicating to customers/clients, it's that customer/client attention that we are ultimately seeking. We're looking for ways to get people to stop in their tracks and ask what is the story here.

So now that we have their attention and someone stops and asks, "what's the story," the story we tell is about your services or items you want to sell. Attention is so fleeting that it's critical that we use it to have an impact. Do you have your story ready?

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