The Art of "Stealing" And How It Benefits My Clients

Web Design and Development
August 9, 2018

It’s been said that “there’s nothing new under the sun,” and having been a graphic designer, web designer and video graphics artist for 30 years, I’m inclined to agree. Steve Jobs famously referenced Picasso in 1996 when he said: "Good artists copy; great artists steal.”

Yes, even the formidable Apple company has been shameless about stealing great ideas and making them their own. My goal when I create a website or design a print piece is to always follow in the footsteps and stand on the shoulders of giants.

Greatness As a Starting Point

Making great ideas your own is key. There’s a difference between plagiarizing and using profound art as a springboard for something potentially greater. That latter is the approach I take. Over the years, I believe I’ve perfected an alchemy that combines consumption of the most inspired work I can find with the application of my many years of practice and experience.

The result is often something next-level creative that truly resonates with my clients and often exceeds their design goals. The essence of the original breakthrough in the ether is amplified and, paradoxically, something brand new is born. With greatness as your starting point, it’s hard to lose.

These processes aren’t just for painters and computer companies; I apply them to graphic design, brochure and presentation design, environmental display, logo, report, tradeshow booth displays, magazine design, animated graphics, UI design, web design, photography and print advertising. There’s no need for you to know how to make a website from scratch when your experienced web developer and website maker in KC (Kansas City), MO can take care of everything with engaging, fresh solutions.

Exploring What’s Possible

If you’re looking to elevate your product, service or brand through the magic of creativity, I’m here to help. The key to effective “stealing” is ultimately transforming the initial idea and taking true ownership. In doing so, it becomes a part of the beautiful, creative evolutionary process that has been unfolding in this world since long before we got here. It will continue long after we’re gone, too – but what an honor to have been a part of it.

For professional website development, graphic design, video graphics, animated graphics, print design, photography services in Missouri, contact me for a consultation. I look forward to working with you!

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