The Digital Annual Report

Web Design and Development
May 17, 2018

I've been producing the Annual Report for Clay County Seniors for several years. I enjoy this project and the people who run the organization. In 2017, a decision was made to migrate the report into a digital-only publication. Transitioning from traditional print to web-based publication calls for experience with crucial messaging goals as well as an understanding of digital publishing. Learn more about how a four-page annual report has transformed into a 25-page narrative of accomplishments throughout the year with a little creative help.


A Story to Tell
When you scroll through the digital 2017 Clay County Seniors Annual Report, you'll learn about challenges encountered by the locally supported group over the year and how they overcame those hurdles. I worked to help the Clay County team refine their message into a multi-part story of difficulties and accomplishments. For their team and myself, the main challenge was to collect complete information with related assets and create the best design possible on a non-profit budget. The final, digital report is something the team is proud of and represents the organization well.  You can view the full 2017 Clay County Seniors Annual Report at this link.


The Next Level
It's my goal to take your marketing story to the next level by increasing your visibility and exposure without increasing your costs. I pride myself on providing your target audience an experience as unique as your story, team, and business.

From web design to digital publishing, I provide a full range of services with the best possible value for your business.

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