‘Tis the Season for Custom Greetings

Web Design and Development
November 14, 2017

The holiday greeting card has never lost its magic for me. I love sending the perfect card to friends and loved ones, and I love receiving cards from those who know just what to say to make my day merrier. There's still time for you to get a custom holiday greeting card created for your business.

Greeting-card design may be ordinarily simple–with a nice illustration, your company logo, and a warm message on a folded piece of paper–or extraordinary, with a custom illustration utilizing embossing and die-cutting. A customized greeting-card design involves designing custom graphics for a holiday greeting or “thank you” message. A custom greeting gives you the opportunity to share your brand memorably and to tell your customers you are thinking of them, too, this holiday season.


Digital Greetings

In the age of the internet, email, social networks, and text-messaging apps, digital greetings have become commonplace. Ridpath Creative can create traditional print greetings, digital greetings for emails or websites, or even simple video greetings.

Digital greetings are creative cards designed to be transmitted via email or social networks. As opposed to traditional, paper cards, the digital greeting can be received and viewed only via computer or mobile device (tablet or smartphone). The incredible up-side with this type of delivery is it can be shared and reposted to expand the reach of your message’s presentation.

The holidays are a great opportunity to share joyful events and extend best wishes for your partners and customers, as well as friends and family. I have designed numerous custom holiday greetings for clients over the course of my entire career. I'm ready for the challenge of crafting the finest holiday greeting possible for your business.

Let's start spreading the cheer!

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