To the Mexico Border Crossing and Back

June 9, 2017

This week, I traveled to the Mexico border crossing and back. The image I am sharing in this blog post is a bird's-eye view of the American / Mexican border at El Paso and Ciudad Juárez. You will notice the large, red "X" to the right side of the image. "The X," or "The Equis," was dedicated in May of 2013. Internationally known Mexican sculptor Enrique Carbajal González, known as "Sebastian," designed the monument.

This trip was for a client shoot covering a project underway in El Paso. Although I enjoy all aspects of my work for clients, an on-location photo shoot is one of my favorites. I thought you might be interested in what goes into the process if you are interested in hiring me for an on-location shoot. The logistics are as time-consuming as the actual shoot.

These questions and considerations include:

  • First, where are we going?
  • What are the travel arrangements?
  • What are we covering?
  • Are we shooting video, stills, or both? 

Once the subject is known, I can determine gear needs, such as: 

  • What cameras will be needed?
  • What lenses will be of benefit?
  • What lights may be required?
  • Are there power supply concerns associated with the location? 
  • What might be the most appropriate media to back up and store the shots? 

 If you are looking for local or not-so-local photography and/or videography services, reach out; let's discuss. Visit my website to review my photography portfolio. I'd love to get your feedback, and I'm eager to work with you on your own business' photographic needs. 

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