Video Marketing Is Smart

May 9, 2018

It is common knowledge that YouTube videos can become viral and boost the marketing for your business. Video blogs, also known as vlogs, are popping up all over the web. Why should your business invest in a vlog?  

Do consumers prefer to watch or to read?
When they are given a choice on the matter, most consumers prefer watching informative videos or advertisements over reading pages of information. A video explaining how the product works or how consumers can make a purchase grabs the customer's attention and keeps it much longer. While it has been approximated that 20 percent of visitors to a website or blog will read your text, it is estimated that 80 percent will watch a video. Knowing which form of marketing is most appealing to consumers can help you promote your business effectively.

Videos make consumers linger.
Videos have the power to make a potential customer linger. When consumers enjoy or even subscribe to an informative business vlog, then they are already displaying an interest in your industry. Each video becomes a discreet and effective way for you to promote your services and products. Some online vlog tools even allow you to monitor your number of potential customers by allowing you to keep track of how often your videos are watched.

Learn a lesson from the second largest search engine.
Next to Google, YouTube is now considered the second largest search engine. With its recent AdWords for videos, YouTube allows videos from your business vlog to pop up when people are typing in your site's keywords. Video content in a Facebook account can go viral if more people share it within their circle of friends. The popularity of video content in blogs and websites also increases search ranking.

There is a reason vlogs are popping up all over the web. They are an effective form of marketing. With the popularity of videos on the rise, it is smart for businesses to incorporate videos into a marketing plan. Contact me today to help put your on the map with your own video marketing.

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