Wayfinding for Prospects

Graphic Design
August 30, 2017

I recently had an interesting insight regarding a place to look for prospects. I regularly study prospecting and converting leads into sales and profit. I do this for my clients' businesses as well as Ridpath Creative. So when I discovered a possible 300% increase in prospects, I wanted to share.

Some who know me may recall I make a concerted effort to walk 10,000 steps a day. To accomplish that much exercise in a day, I have to make a planned effort to get up on my feet, go outside, and walk. I have a set path I take. I go for a walk, and the steps add up. The path I walk happens to be between two golf courses. So, as you might imagine, I run across the occasional, stray golf ball. When I happen to see a golf ball on the path, I pick it up—and those add up too.

How does this support your need for creative services to support your growth and branding goals?

What I had never done until recently was to prospect for golf balls. Or, to put it more succinctly, I had never applied a prospecting plan to finding golf balls. When looking for new business or golf balls, you are bound to find some on your daily path. But what if you evaluate your daily journey and make slight modifications that put you in the path of more prospects?

I evaluated my walking path and adjusted it to go where golfers were more likely to lose a golf ball. (Note: it helps to have played the game to figure this out.) I only had to make a minor modification to my path, and I increased my finds from one or none to three or more. That's a 300% increase!

Concerning your business prospecting, I recommend looking at your current daily work and enhancing it by looking for slight but powerful modifications. Look slightly off your regular path, where similar prospects are simply waiting to be picked up. This will take some effort, but I believe you'll find some small adjustments in your daily work will be well worth the results. I can't wait to hear how you beat my 300% increase!

Ridpath Creative's mission is creating superior graphic design, photography, videos, and web design that take your marketing to the next level. Besides counting on an active, engaging, fresh, and professional approach to any creative job, you can rely on my years of experience and insights. I know how this game is played, and with my help, you’ll be better positioned to improve your prospecting too. 

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