Web Copy That Works: Less Is Often More

Web Design and Development
February 1, 2019

All experienced online marketers know the importance of high-quality content. However, not all content strategies require the same approach.

Marketers with an eye on search engine optimization (SEO) often feel that long content is more worthwhile than short content. On the other hand, those with a copywriting background know that short-form content is usually best for driving conversions.

It does not matter which group you fall into, few people argue in favor of long-winded, unfocused content. But if concise content is the aim, what can you do to achieve it? Here are four ways.

Break Up Topics
While comprehensive, in-depth material is always a plus, it's easy to bite off more than your readers can chew. When possible, split large topics into smaller, stand-alone pieces of content which are more easily digested by time-pressed readers.

Be Direct
Web content isn't usually the arena for arresting metaphors or obscure vocabulary. Keep your writing direct and straightforward. Try and think like a TV advertisement copywriter who has only 30 seconds to work with, and get your message across as quickly and clearly as possible.

It's Okay to Be Shallow
Sometimes your content should be an overview rather than a detailed treatment. Think carefully before embellishing on your central message. If adding a point doesn't serve the overall purpose of the content, leave it out.

Forget Word Count
There's a fashion for longer posts, and current SEO wisdom may stipulate an ideal length for content. But this should be irrelevant when creating or commissioning your content. Use as many words as you need to and no more, and remember that a good editor can usually still find plenty of fat to trim.

Long content which covers a topic completely can be invaluable, but it's rarely the ideal choice in these days of social media and short attention spans. Keeping your web copy on a tight leash will pay dividends by conveying your message with clarity and boosting its impact.

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