What's your SOLO?

Graphic Design
April 4, 2018

Han Solo? Red solo cup. Piano solo? Lindbergh's solo nonstop transatlantic flight? Hall & Oates' Go Solo? Or how about a bunch of quotes about 'solo.'

  So where in the world am I headed with this solo exercise? Just a fun way to announce my latest creative renaissance man project. I've designed many t-shirts over the years but never something fun that is what I wanted to do. I was engaged in a webinar covering the topic t-shirts design and production. Without sounding too cocky, I quickly realized that I knew most of what they were sharing. The reason I had not design my custom t-shirt was honestly that I just had not done it. So I stopped everything I was doing and dug up some ideas I had filed away and submitted them to cottonbureau.com. Happily, they were interested in featuring one of my designs on their site.  Now for the ask. Take a cyber ride to cottonbureau.com and check out my 'solo' t-shirt design. The shirt is Tri-Blend - my favorite t-shirt material. The design comes in three colors - Vintage Red, Vintage Black, and Forest Green. And last but not least there are styles for men and women. And in case I was not clear, it spells out 'solo' in a vintage font. If it's not your style, will you do me a favor? Can you pass this link on to your favorite hipster? Oh, did I infer you are not a hipster? Don't wait; this is only available for a limited time.  Do you need a custom t-shirt design? It's my goal to add a breath of creativity to your marketing communications. I promise I can do this professionally and at a reasonable price.  I pride myself on bringing your target demographic an experience they won't soon forget. From graphic design to video production I provide a wide range of services for businesses and organizations who want to truly connect with their target and turn their message into sales. Contact me today if you are ready to be a superhero at your company.

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