Why Email Marketing Still Works

Web Design and Development
March 21, 2019

Over the history of the modern Internet, there have been many different ways to promote websites. However, a few methods have been around since the early days of the Internet. These methods have lasted because the methods have proven over the years to produce great results.

One of the most successful methods regarding website promotion is still email marketing. In its purest sense, email marketing is unique. No other online marketing method past or present provides the ability to communicate with people in the ways that email marketing provides.

While the ways that email marketing can be used to promote a website are numerous, some of the most powerful ways include:

  1. Email messages can be sent to a mailing list based on particular interests.  
  2. Email messages sent to a mailing list can be automated and sent on a schedule.
  3. Email messages sent to a mailing list can be studied based on detailed statistics.

Email Messages Can Be Sent to a Mailing List Based on Particular Interests

With many email lists, the people request to be added for different reasons. In addition, most of the people on a mailing list have various differences that can be very important to a website owner.

When promoting a website, the owner may want to promote different aspects of the website. Email marketing allows website owners to select specific criteria related to the mailing list and only send certain messages to the people who meet the criteria. This is an awesome aspect of email marketing that gives website owners a lot of flexibility related to promoting a website.  

Email Messages Sent to a Mailing List Can be Automated and Sent on a Schedule

A major benefit that many website owners enjoy about having a website is the use of technology related to the Internet and website operations. A feature of email marketing that has many website owners excited is the automation aspect of email marketing.

With automation capabilities, website owners can create email messages in advance and send the messages based on a predefined schedule to current or new mailing list members. This allows website owners to create certain messages one time and use the messages on a continuous basis. This automation capability provides website owners with almost limitless ways to promote a website.

Email Messages Sent to a Mailing List Can Be Studied Based on Detailed Statistics  

A very useful feature of email marketing is the ability to view statistics related to email messages that are sent to a mailing list. The statistics allow website owners to study all aspects of the email messages sent out to promote their website. The data related to the statistics provide a wealth of information that website owners can use to improve the promotions made using email marketing.

Promoting a website is one of the main ways that website owners generate interest in their website. Even though there are many ways to promote a website, email marketing has proven to be one of the great ways to promote a website. The use of email marketing has been and continues to be a popular way that many website owners utilize to get the word out about their website.  Email me today and start a conversation about how email can still work for you.

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