Yo-Yo Ma Special Event Photography

April 11, 2018

Famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma made a special visit to Harmony Project KC Northeast Community Center and visited with several of the music classes. Yo-Yo charmed the kids as well adults including me. I was impressed with how smoothly he engaged with the kids of all ages. His approach with the kids was disarming and inquisitive. For an event photographer, you can ask for nothing better. The photographs made themselves. The only challenge I had was getting into position to seize the moment. In addition to myself, there was a small film crew filming the event as well as a small group of Kansas City Symphony dignitaries. Even with those challenges, I created some great images. I've included one image with this post, and you can look here to see more event images.  I enjoy event assignments like this because it's a chance to capture a moment in time that is unlikely to be repeated. Do you have a unique event in Kansas City that needs to be captured? Contact me at 816.792.9669 or email roger@ridpathcreative.com.

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