Your Marketing Message is DOA Without Visuals

August 15, 2016

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to storytelling, that's a whole lot of words to communicate in a short time. Storytelling is all about images, whether you are just one person on Facebook, or a company spreading its message all over Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas and beyond.

Social media, as well as the Internet in general, is a blessing as well as a curse when it comes to marketing. There are a lot of voices out there, many of which are talking about where their dog peed instead of their business, so it  easy to get lost in the shuffle.  Just imagine when you are scrolling through Facebook, or some other social media, how many do you stop and read if there is no image? Probably not many. So it easy to be active in social media promoting your business, but it is also easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Pictures, of course, are great as they give a visual effect to your message. Now, everyone with a cellphone is also a photographer and can post visuals. That means just having pictures is probably not going to be good enough, you will also need engaging pictures to get attention.

When thinking of pictures, consider what might be eye catching. There are a lot of pictures and many are engaging. People want to see authenticity, for one thing, a sense of a real person doing something real. You may have the greatest gadget in the world to sell. A picture of someone using it will do a lot better than just a picture of the gadget. Some kind of sensory aspect must also be included, some aspect that will appeal to the person's senses or even sense of nostalgia. Also having someone in the photo that people can relate to - a father, mother, sister type figure - all work well.

The same is true with your web design. Of course, you want pictures there and videos too, but they must be engaging to work because there are so many pictures out there. You can always rely on your phone to get pictures, which may or may not work. One could also consider using someone like me, Ridpath Creative, who offers creative photography and graphic design services that will help you get attention with visual storytelling.  At Ridpath Creative we offer expert assistance in creating reliable images you can trust to tell your story well.

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