Website Technology Review Consultation

Ensuring that your website runs on a solid technology platform is critical today. Cyber threats, security breaches, and sensitivity to data are just a few issues that can be of concern. It’s essential that you work with a website technology consultant that is experienced with multiple technology platforms, search engine optimization, data integrations, and design. All contribute to good website health. If one of those areas is off balance, it can put your website at risk, leading to unhappy customers and lost revenue.

Ridpath Creative has 30 years of web design and development experience from some of the nation’s most prominent brands as well as with small, entrepreneurial businesses. Our goal is to provide valuable and actionable advice and recommendations to enhance your website's performance, security, and user experience. You will see improved performance if your site is built on a solid foundation using today’s best practices. More qualified visitors will be searching for and finding your site, and they will be more engaged with your brand.

What sets Ridpath Creative Apart from other Technology Providers?

Roger Ridpath, CEO and Founder of Ridpath Creative, has 30 years of experience in website design and development, including five years at VMLY&R, one of the largest technology agencies in the world. In addition, he has worked on custom-coded sites, open-source solutions, and closed and sandboxed infrastructures, and today is one of the leaders in the No Code - Low Code movement. Roger will be the primary point of contact and consultant to diagnose your situation. Ridpath Creative is versed in the latest digital trends and cutting-edge technologies to assist you with your digital goals.

Our Capabilities.

Website Audit

  • Assess your current website technology stack, including content management systems, hosting infrastructure, and third-party integrations.
  • Identify areas of improvement, such as outdated software versions, security vulnerabilities, or performance bottlenecks.
  • Evaluate the scalability and flexibility of your website technology to ensure it aligns with your future growth plans.

Performance Optimization

  • Analyze your website's loading speed and overall performance.
  • Identify factors that may be affecting performance, such as large image sizes, inefficient code, or server configuration issues.
  • Provide recommendations to optimize your website's speed and responsiveness, resulting in improved user experience and search engine rankings.

Security Assessment

  • Conduct a comprehensive security audit to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your website's technology infrastructure.
  • Evaluate your website's data protection measures, including encryption, user authentication, and backup protocols.
  • Offer recommendations to enhance your website's security, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and safeguarding against cyber threats.

User Experience and Design

  • Evaluate the user interface and navigation of your website.
  • Identify areas where user experience can be improved, such as intuitive design, clear call-to-actions, and mobile responsiveness.
  • Provide recommendations to enhance the overall user experience, resulting in increased engagement and conversions.

Evaluation of Technology Stack

  • Gather data about each tool in your tech stack
  • Categorize tools based on their functionalities
  • Assess the value of each tool

Search Engine Optimization Review And Recommendations

  • Search is one of the main ways people discover content online, and ranking higher in search engines can lead to an increase in traffic to a website.
  • SEO includes on-page strategies, which use intent-based keywords, and off-page strategies, which earn inbound links from other websites.

Data workflow integration

  • Combine data from various sources and formats into one, integrated data set.
  • Connect applications and software for a simplified workflow that makes your site run faster and more efficiently.

API integration

  • Connect two or more applications or systems using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to exchange data and perform actions.

Why we are different?

Ridpath Creative is committed to delivering exceptional website technology consulting services to help you achieve your digital objectives. By leveraging our expertise, you can expect an optimized website that delivers an outstanding user experience, improved performance, enhanced security, and a solid foundation for future growth. We look forward to partnering with you on this journey.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or want to proceed with our website technology consulting services.

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